Family Owned, Western Australian Business

MICA Creamy was founded by former Nobu Head Chef, Leif Huru, and wife Yun (Ruby) Cheng.

Like Leif, many Norwegians have a love for gelato & you'll see some of our flavours come from the origins of this beautiful land.

Fun facts, Norway is one of the coldest countries & also third largest icecream consuming country in the world.

Leaving the Nobu restaurant group after nearly 12 years. Leif built a commercial kitchen for his business... "Dinner by Leif Huru".

But thats not all, Leif & Ruby decided to push the boundaries a Lil' further and start the brand Mica which will be bringing the best of their knowledge to the gelato game.

MICA focuses on using the amazing dairy that WA offers & flavours and products from around the world, combined with Italian handcraft, to make the perfect gelato.

As well as all the classic flavours, Leif's knowledge of exquisite Japanese cuisine with Ruby's influence from her native home of Taiwan.

MICA creates new and exciting flavours of gelato with flavours that you may have never experienced before.

Ruby and Leif have two young daughters aged 2 and 4, and just like their dad, they are crazy about ice cream.

So, it felt natural to call their gelato brand MICA, from their names Mia and Caia.

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